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Majiloon Balloon Pumps

Majiloon Electric Balloon Pumps for twisters.



Majiloon Double


This is the most popular product we offer. This is also the most popular battery powered balloon pump in the world! If you ar...


Majiloon Payment


Use this payment portal to add any additional shipping required for your products or to make a payment to Majiloon.


Majiloon Reel


This is a replacement reel for your Majiloon Electric Balloon Pump.


Majiloon Replacement Motor


This is the compressor motor for both the Single Majiloon Balloon Pump and the Double Majiloon Balloon Pump. The double has ...


Majiloon Replacement Pouch for Double


This is a replacement Pouch for the Majiloon Double Compressor unit. This is only the Pouch!


Majiloon Replacement Pouch for Single


This is a replacement Pouch for the Majiloon Single Compressor unit. This is only the Pouch!


Majiloon Replacement Switch


This is the rocker switch for the Majiloon Balloon Pumps.


Majiloon Replacement Tip


This is a replacement tip for the Majiloon Balloon Pumps.


Majiloon Single


This is the Single compressor Majiloon. This unit is great for birthday party and occasional use when twisting. If you are a ...


SLA Battery


This is the 12 volt 5 AH replacement battery that fits both the Majiloon Single and the Majiloon Double compressors.


SLA Charger


This is the charger for the Majiloon 12 Volt SLA Battery.

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